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   This page is dedicated to News and Short Announcements that may be of interest to the ECIS community.

    In memory

       On October 31, 2017 Johannes (Hans) Lyklema (86 yo) passed away.

    Hans obtained his PhD in Utrecht, The Netherlands, under the supervision of Prof. Overbeek, the "O" of the DLVO theory. After that Hans went to Los Angeles to work with Prof. Mysels and returned to the Netherlands in 1962 to become head of the department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry at Wageningen University. He brought this research group to great prosperity, gaining wide national and international recognition.

    Apart from being a great scientist, he was also an inspiring teacher and a wonderful person. He had contacts with countless colleagues around the world, and was one of the founding fathers of the International Association of Colloid and Interface Scientists (IACIS), for which he was the Newsletter Editor for many years. His retirement in 1995 was by no means a farewell to science.

    Until the end of his life he has worked on his impressive work, including the five-piece standard work 'Fundamentals of Interface and Colloid Science', and continued contributing to international conferences. He was an early advocate of sustainability to preserve the earth and prevent climate change.

    His intellectual heritage represents his most durable monument, which will last as long as colloid science will exist.

    The entire Colloid and Interfaces community mourns the loss of a great man and of an outstanding scientist.