Last update: 15 Jun 2018
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About ECIS

ECIS is a voluntary,  non-profit organization of scientists. Its objective is to advance colloid and interface science and to promote cooperation between European scientists. Particular emphasis is given to the support of young scientists. ECIS seeks to cooperate with existing national Societies in European countries as well as with other international organizations.

2018 ECIS conference in Ljubljana

2018 Overbeek Medal: Henk Lekkerkerker (Utrecht)

2018 ECIS-Solvay Prize: Horst Weller (Hamburg)

Statutes of the Society

ECIS seeks to achieve its objectives by:
  • Organising each year a conference in a European country in the field of colloid and interface science
  • Making Awards at the annual conference to recognise and promote excellence in the field of colloid and interface science
  • Organising a conference each two years in a European country for research students in the field of colloid and interface science
The three ECIS Awards are the Overbeek Gold Medal (to acknowledge excellent careers in and inspiring contributions to the field of colloid and interface science), the ECIS-Solvay Prize (to a European scientist for original scientific work of outstanding quality, described published in the five years before the prize is delivered), and the Enzo Ferroni Award (to acknowledge the top level scientific activity of young researchers in the field of colloid and interface science).

All members of ECIS are invited each year to nominate candidates for the first two Awards.