Become a Member

Scientists, either from universities, research institutions or industries interested in colloid sciences can become personal members. A written application for membership must be made to the General Secretariat. Actual membership requires the payment of an annual fee of currently € 30.00 for personal members and € 15.00 for students. 

Companies interested in the advancement of colloid and interface science are invited to become members. The payment of an annual fee of currently € 200.- will be required. 

The membership fees have the sole purpose of covering mailing and office expanses and to provide financial support to the organization of scientific meetings 

At each conference there shall be a meeting of the members (general assembly). 

The membership fee can be paid together with the registration fee (sign “member”) when registering for the annual ECIS conferences. 

Privacy statement

ECIS will store personal data of members and use it for announcing future ECIS conferences. In future email correspondence, there will always be the option to unsubscribe. Your information will not be given to any third party.