2020 Peter Kralchevsky (Sofia)

Peter Kralchevsky

For his influential works in the area of colloid and interface science and for his paramount dedication to the Society activities.

Prof. Peter Kralchevsky is known to every true, long-standing member of our Society. His work combines both theoretical modeling and experiments on interactions and dynamic phenomena in colloidal systems, encompassing broad areas of colloid science from foams to films to micelles, and from surface forces to interactions in colloidal dispersions. His work has been both in applied and fundamental aspects of colloids, with a notable, long-standing collaboration between Sofia and Unilever in England, and has always been of the greatest quality. 

 His contributions to ECIS have been both outstanding and of fundamental significance. He has been secretary of the Society for the 10 years, where he was crucially contributing for retaining the collective memory of the Society and keep the community spirit alive. He has chaired COST network D-43 and has been the vice-chair of COST network CM-1101, both of which have been instrumental in expanding ECIS and bringing many younger people and scientists from all corners of Europe in close contact with the Society. 

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