2010 Gero Decher

Gero Decher

Gero Decher, Professor at the University of Strasbourg is well-known as inventor of the Layer-by-Layer deposition technique, which has been adopted in a large number of laboratories around the globe. In recent years Gero Decher has successfully applied the approach to several issues in life sciences. Thus Gero Decher invented a thin layers deposit method for bio-functional nanomaterials based on electrostatic intermolecular interactions. This original material assembly method is inexpensive and almost non-polluting. In practice this gave rise to applications such diverse as in anticoagulants coatings with anchored heparin on medical devices such as catheters, hydrophobic coating improving vision lenses biocompatibility and tissue engineering in general. 
   The specific papers cited in support of the nomination are: 
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