2021 Jan Vermant

Jan Vermant

 Jan Vermant was at KU Leuven and was considered a rising star in the rheology community; currently he is a professor at ETH Zürich and has undoubtedly become a shining star, on the basis of his many accomplishments in various fields (branching from rheology and interfacial phenomena), and his many merits have already been recognized by a good number of national and international awards. His excellent contribution in ACS Nano (2010), “Directed Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles”, which has been cited over 1700 times and is still considered a reference in the field of self-assembly has to be highlighted. Jan is really a master in various aspects of soft matter and colloid science, which he takes all the way from the bench to the market, through plenty of industrial projects. Jan’s scientific work has made a huge impact, with some 13k citations and an h-index close to 60, he is undoubtedly one of the most influential rheologists at present. From the many accomplishments during the past five years, his work on arresting dissolution by interfacial rheology (PNAS 2017), Langmuir interfaces with finite elasticity (Soft Matter 2017), oscillatory interfacial shear rheology (J. Rheal. 2020), effects of active particles on giant lipid vesicles (Nature 2020), and breakup of thin liquid films (PRL 2020) are highlighted. Overall, based on his excellent research track record, technology transfer and lecturing performance, Prof. Vermant deserves this award.