About the ECIS-Solvay Award

The ECIS-Rhodia Prize was first awarded in 2001. After Solvay acquired Rhodia, since 2014 the official name of the prize has became “Colloid & Interface Science Award, sponsored by Solvay

    This prize is granted to a European scientist for original scientific work of outstanding quality, described in one or several publications, patents or other documents made public in the previous five years. Hence, the prize is for recent work within the field of colloid and interface science.

    All members of ECIS are invited each year to nominate candidates for the Solvay Prize. The completed nomination form should include both a justification (of no more than 1,000 words) and reprint(s) (in the form of a .PDF files) of the publication(s) or other documents on which the nomination is based. Please follow the instructions given in the nomination form.

    The nominations are judged by a committee chaired by the ECIS President that includes also the ECIS Past President, the ECIS President-Elect, the Solvay Price winners of the last two years, a Representative from the Solvay company and the Organiser of the annual ECIS Conference at which the prize is to be presented. The prize (3000 euros) will be presented by a Solvay Representative or the ECIS President at a session of the annual ECIS Conference, combined with a prize lecture (Plenary). 

   The first call for nominations is sent in November, and the deadline for nominations is the end of April. The winner is announced on the ECIS website in June. Each year, a short summary of the laureate and description of the contributions for which he or she has been nominated will appear on ECIS web site. 

All nominations shall be submitted to ECIS Secretary at pierandrea.lonostro@unifi.it.

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