1997 Lunteren(NL)

Conference Proceedings: Trends in Colloid and Interface Science XII

Organizing Committee

Ger J.M. Koper, chairperson
Dick Bedeaux, co-chairperson
Wiebke Sager
Carolina Cavaco

Scientific Committee

Peter Schurtenberger, ETH Zurich
Otto Glatter, Karl-Franzens University, Graz
Dominique Langevin, Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal
Thomas Zemb, CEN, Saclay
Vittorio Degiorgio, University of Pavia
Adrian Rennie, University of Cambridge
Bob Thomas, University of Oxford
Hakan Wennerström, University of Lund
Martien Cohen Stuart, Agricultural University (NL)
Jaap Leyte, University of Leiden
Jorrit Mellema, Twente University
Gregoire Porte, University of Montpellier II

Scientific Sessions

New in Colloid Science


Surfactant Colloids

Polymer Colloids

Surfactants at Interfaces

Polymers at Interfaces

Special Lectures

H. Lekkerkerker (Utrecht) “Phase transitions, aggregation and gelation in colloid-polymer mixtures

T. Odijk (Delft) “Depletion interactions among globular proteins and semidilute polymer

D. Frenkel (FOM Institute) “Simulating rare events in complex liquids

Keynote and Invited Lectures

New in Colloid Science:
J. Ricka (Bern) “Mode selective optical receivers: Applications to colloidal systems
A. van Blaaderen (Utrecht) “Quantitative real-space analysis of colloidal structures and processes

N. Wagner (Newark) “The rheology of strongly interacting colloidal dispersions: Experimental elucidation of reversible shear thickening
F. Lequeux (Strasbourg) “The role of disorder in emulsion rheology

Surfactant Colloids:
U. Olsson (Lund) “Structure and phase equilibria of microemulsions
D. Danino (Technion ISR) “Recent advances In cryogenic transmission electron microscopy

Polymer Colloids:
M. Borkovec (Zürich) “Charge, structure and stability of aqueous polymer-colloid suspensions
R. Piazza (Pavia) “Light scattering studies of adsorption of surfactant and polymers on colloids

Surfactants at Interfaces:
P. Fletcher (Hull) “Forces between surfactant monolayers adsorbed at oil-water Interfaces
J. Earnshaw (Belfast) “Light scattering from surfactants at interfaces

Polymers at Interfaces:
A. Chakrabarti (Kansas State U.) “Layer formation and excliange kinetics of adsorbed polymer chains
T. van de Ven (Montreal) “TProperties of bridging polymer chains