2001: Coimbra(PT)

Conference Proceedings: Trends in Colloid and Interface Science XVI

Organizing Committee

Maria Miguel
Hugh Burrows
Ermelinda Eusebio
Maria Luisa Leitao
J. Sergio de Melo
Alberto Canelas Pais
Elsa Diogo, secretary

Scientific Committee

Hugh Burrows, University of Coimbra
Ilias Iliopoulos, ESPCI, Paris
Helmuth Möhwald, Max Planck Institute, Potsdam
Terence Cosgrove, University of Bristol
Olle Söderman, Lund University
Piero Baglioni, University of Florence
Kenneth Dawson, University College Dublin
Conxita Solans, CSIC Barcelona

Scientific Sessions

Self-Assembly in Mixed Systems

Surface Modification

Dynamics at Interfaces

Theory and Modelling

New Techniques and Developments

Food and Pharmaceuticals

Biological and Biomimetic Systems

Mesoscopic and Mesoporous Systems

Invited Speakers

Self-Assembly in Mixed Systems:
C. Ligoure (Montpellier) “Smetic Phase of Fluid Membranes Decorated by Amphiphilic Copolymers
D. Vlassopoulos (Heraklion) “From Polymers to Colloids: Exploring the Mesoscopic Regime with Star Polymers and Micelles

Surface Modification:
G. Decher (Strasbourg) “Polyelectrolytes Multilyers between Materials Science and Life Science
R. Klitzing (Berlin) “Aqueous Foam Films Containg Amphiphiles and Polyelectrolytes
G. Attard (Southampton) “Nanostructured Materials from Liquid Crystalline Phases: Synthesis and Applications

Biological and Biomimetic Systems:
J. Rädler (Mainz) “Single Colloid Microelectrophoresis – A Laser Trap Based Apparatus to Measure Enzyme Kinetics

Theory and Modelling:
B.W. Ninham (Canberra) “Flaws in the fabric: why Colloid Science Failed to Contribute to the Biological Sciences and What to do About
B. Jönsson (Lund) “Polyelectrolyte-Macroion Complexation. A Monte Carlo Study

New Techniques and Developments:
S. U. Egelhaaf (Edinburgh) “Phase Transitions in Surfactant Systems
F. Tiberg (Stockholm) “Structure Formation of lipids and Surfactants at the Solid-Liquid Interface: influence on Normal Forces and Friction
V. Cabuil (Paris) “Hybrid Colloids

Food and Pharmaceutics:
N. Garti (Jerusalem) “Interfacial Reactions in Microemulsions: Structure – Reactivity Relationship. Maillard reactions for Food Applications
K. Dawson (Dublin) “The Interplay between Crystallization and Gelation in Colloidal Particles with Short Ranged Attractive Interactions; Applications to Protein Crystallization

Dynamics at Interfaces:
M-A.C. Stuart (Wageningen) “Polyelectrolytes Complexes at Interfaces: Stability of Multilayers and Glass/Liquid Transitions

Mesoscopic and Mesoporous Systems:
B. F. Chmelka (USA) “Interfacial Compositions and Structures in Inorganic-Surfactant Mesophases
K. Holmberg (Goteborg) “Kinetics of Nanoparticle Formation in Microemulsion

Rhodia Lecture:
K. Larsson (Lund) “Cubosomes in vitro and in vivo