2003: Firenze(IT)

PCCP Editorial

Organizing Committe

Piero Baglioni
Debora Berti
Gabriella Caminati
Andrea Ceglie
Luigi Dei
Cecilia M.C. Gambi
Giacomo Martini
Maura Monduzzi
Barry W. Ninham
Sandra Ristori
Maurizio Romanelli
Pierandrea Lo Nostro, secretary

Scientific Committee

Martien A. Cohen Stuart, University of Wageningen
Mario Corti, University of Milan
Kenneth Dawson, University of Dublin
Juan Manuel Garcia Ruiz, University of Granada
Jacques Joosten, DSM Corp., Heerlen (NL)
Tommy Nylander, University of Lund
Maria da Graca Miguel, University of Coimbra
Peter Schurtenberger, University of Fribourg (CH)
Robert Thomas, University of Oxford
Henry van Damme, Ecole Superieure de Physique et de Chimie Ind. (FR)

Scientific Sessions

1. Interactions in Colloids and at Interfaces (dispersive interactions, charged colloids, hydrophobic effect, colloidal stability) 

2. Industrial Applications: Colloid Science in action 

3. Colloids for Drug Delivery (drug delivery, encapsulation and host-guest systems for controlled release in the colloidal domain) 

4. New Methods of Investigation (3D imaging, scattering, diffusion and microscopy techniques for probing colloids and interfaces) 

5. Inorganic Colloids (nanoparticles, organic-inorganic hybrids, hierarchical structures, new templates) 

6. Interfacial Chemistry (liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, liquid-gas interfaces, confined colloids near an interface, colloids in low dimension, adsorption, depletion, segregation, phase transitions) 

7. Biocolloids and Biomaterials (Chemistry and Physics of biological colloids, design of biocolloids, biomineralisation) 

8. Colloids in Nature and Art (clays, food, conservation of cultural heritage, new application of colloids and interfaces)

Invited Speakers

Interactions in Colloids and at Interfaces:
G. Maret (Konstanz) “Magnetic colloids at the air/water interface
O. Soderman (Lund) “Phase diagrams, microstructures and interactions in alkyl glucosides

Industrial Applications, Colloid Science in action:
M. Michel (Nestle, Lausanne) “Nanoscience – bridging food material science with nutrition and consumer science
J. Rieger (BASF, Ludwigshafen) “Particles and polyelectrolytes: control of nanoparticles formation and crystallization in water

Colloids for Drug Delivery:
W.E. Hennink (Utrecht) “Gene delivery with cationic polymers
K. Kostarelos (Imperial College) “Engineering advanced lipid-based delivery vectors by application of colloid & interface science principles: transitions from gene to cancer therapeutics
L. Vovelle (Rhodia, Aubervilliers) “New dry emulsions and their applications

New Methods of Investigation:
O. Terasaki (Stockholm) “EM study on structural change of silica mesoporous crystal with synthesis period
S.H. Chen (MIT) “Inelastic X-ray scattering study of phonons in liquid crystalline DNA
V. Razumas (Vilnius) “Structural and functional features of the bicontinuous cubic phases of lipids with entrapped biomolecules: spectroscopic and electrochemical approach

Inorganic Colloids:
S.T. Hyde (Australian Natl. Univ., Canberra) “Formation of carbonate-silica “biomorphs”
M.P. Pileni (Univ. P. et M. Curie, Paris) “What is the colloidal template role in controlling the size and shape of nanocrystals?
E. Leontidis (Nicosia) “Specific ion effects in the formation of inorganic colloids: insights from model systems

Interfacial Chemistry:
J.M. Di Meglio (Univ. D. Diderot, Paris) “Colloid dynamics in confined media
W. Kunz (Regensburg) “Interactions between ions, colloids and solvents
J. Eastoe (Bristol) “Photo-surfactants

Biocolloids and Biomaterials:
P. Fratzl (Austrian Academy of Sciences) “Hierarchical structure and mechanical properties of natural mineralized tissues
O.G. Mouritsen (Univ. Southern Denmark) “Interfacial enzymes in targeted liposome-based drug delivery

Colloids in Nature and Art:
Th. Zemb (CEA, Saclay) “Self-assembled icosahedra: a microcrystal, a cleaved ionic solid or a “gigamolecule”?
P. Baglioni (Firenze) “Nanosciences for the conservatin of cultural heritage

Rhodia Lecture:
H.N.W. Lekkerkerker (Utrecht) “Liquid crystal phase transitions in suspensions of inorganic rod and platelike colloids: new life from old roots