2004: Almeria(ES)

Organizing Committee

F.J. de las Nieves
A. Fernandez-Barbero
M.S. Romero-Cano
M.J. Garcia-Salinas
A. Fernandez-Nieves
A.M. Puertas
M.J. Ariza
I.J. Suarez
B. Sierra-Martin
J.B. Caballero
L. Rodriguez-Maldonado
J.J. Lietor-Santos

Scientific Committee

Martien A. Cohen Stuart, University of Wageningen
J.K.G. Dhont, IFF, Juelich (GE)
Otto Glatter, University of Graz
J.P. Hansen, University of Cambridge
R. Hidalgo-Alvarez, University of Granada
A. Lopez-Quintela, University of Santiago
Helmuth Moehwald, Max Planck Inst.
Peter Schurtenberger, University of Fribourg (CH)
Conxita Solans, CSIC Barcelona
Piero Tartaglia, University of Rome “La Sapienza”

Scientific Sessions

Plenary Lectures
M. Antonietti, Max Planck Inst.
Nanocasting of colloidal structures: porous materials meet colloid analysis
H.N.W. Lekkerkerker, University of Utrecht
The interface of a demixed colloid-polymer mixture
B. Lindman, Lund University of Lund
DNA compaction and decompaction: bulk and interfaces
F. Meseguer, CSIC Valencia
Photonic crystals based on colloidal crystals
S. Nagel, University of Chicago
W. Poon, Edimburg University
Re-entrant glass transition in model colloids
P. Tarazona, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
The intrinsic structure of liquid surfaces
B. Vincent, University of Bristol
Hetero-aggregation in mixtures of latex particles, including microgel particles
D.A. Weitz, Harvard University
Colloidal glasses and gels

Invited Speakers

Colloidal Phenomena in Dilute Systems:
Y. Levin (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul) “Strange electrostatics in physics, chemistry and biology
M. Rubi “Diffusion of a colloidal particle in a tilted potential: enhancement, universality and scaling

Dense Colloids and Rheology:
M. Fuchs (University of Konstanz )”Properties of dense colloidal dispersions under shear: yielding and shear-thinning

Polymer, Polyelectrolytes and Gels:
P. Schurtenberg (University of Fribourg) “Gelation and phase separation in biopolymer solutions

Liquid Crystals, Surfactants and Emulsions:
A. Lopez-Quintela (University of Santiago de Compostela) “Nanomaterials for the new technologies: is the reduction in material size the whole history?

Interface Science:
R. Hidalgo-Alvarez (University of Granada) “Long range attractions between colloids confined in interfaces: a simple explanation

Microfluidics and Porous Systems:
T. Thorsen (MIT) “Microfluidic droplet formation – theory and applications

Novel Colloids and Industrial Application:
H. Elaissari (CNRS-bioMerieux, Lyon) “Reactive colloids: from preparations to biomedical applications

Hierarchically Organized and Biological Systems:
van Blaaderen (University of Utrecht) “A new index and density matched colloidal model system with tunable interactions

Rhodia Lecture: