2008: Krakow(PL)

Scientific Committee

Ludmilla Boinovich, Russian Academy of Sciences
Michal Borkovec, University of Geneva
Martien A. Cohen Stuart, University of Wageningen
Gero Decher, University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg
Kenneth Dawson, University of Dublin
Mustafa Ersoz , Selcuk University, Konya (TR)
Maria da Graca Miguel, University of Coimbra
Roque Hidalgo-Alvarez, University of Granada
Otto Glatter, University of Graz
Regine von Klitzing, Technical University, Berlin
Peter Kralchevski, University of Sofia
Bjorn Lindman, University of Lund
Reinhard Miller, Max Planck Institute, Golm
Helmuth Moehwald, University of Golm
Victor Starov, University of Loughborough (UK)
Brian Vincent, University of Bristol

Plenary Lectures
Jerome Bibette “Experiments on self- assemblies of magnetic colloids

Michael E. Cates “Statistical physics of active colloidal suspensions

Imre Dekany “Functional and reactive surfaces prepared by layer-by-layer assembly of nanohybrid materials

Stefan U. Egelhaaf “Surfactant self-assembly: kinetics and pathways of structural transitions

Daan Frenkel “Colloids at high densities: Freezing, clustering and jamming

Jacob Klein “Statics and dynamics of confined hydration layers

Arunas Ramanvicious “Polypyrolle-versatile conducting polymer for biosensorics and other nanotechnological applications

Conxita Solans “Surfactant self-assembly as a biomimetic approach to control size and shape in nanomaterial synthesis