2011: Berlin (DE)


Dynamics of Interfaces

Films, foams, emulsions

Wetting, spreading

Particles, nanoparticles, capsules, dispersions

Scture and rheology of colloidal systems

Bioinspired materials

Surfactants and sustainability

Surface forces

Specific ion effects

Monday – Oral Sessions 
PL 1 Sam Safran – Lipid mixtures and the stability of membrane and cellular rafts 

KN A. Zaccone – Shear- induced solidification of dilute colloidal suspensions: the ambiguous role of shear 

KN P. Lo Nostro – Hofmeister effects in water-free systems: the solubility of salts in ethylene carbonate 

KN D. Gardini – Colloidal Approach coupled with Spray-Drying Technique as for Nanostructuring  

A. Burmistrova – Electric field behaviour of LC suspensions based on rod- shaped pigment particles 

M. Sztucki – Probing the Counterion Distribution in Charged Soft Matter Systems by Anomalous Small-Angle X-ray Scattering  

R. Alvarez-Puebla – Optically encoded colloids for bio-applications  

J. Causse – Study of solubilization of tributylphosphate in surfactant aqueous solutions: Evidences of micellar conformation changes  

J. Faraudo – The hydrophobic effect induces ionic specificity and charge inversion in colloids  

N.Pazos-Perez – Controlling inter-Nanoparticle Coupling: Highly uniform SERS substrates of plasmonic colloids  

C. Charbonneau – pH controlled dynamics of physical hydrogels: from out-equilibrium solids to equilibrium fluids  

E. Leontidis – Specific anion adsorption on dodecyl phosphocholine micelles 

R. Bordes – Surface active silica sols 

M. Moyá – Physicochemical characterization of di- bromide dimeric surfactants with phenyl and cyclohexyl rings in the head group 

J. Schneider – Sonoluminescence of trivalent lanthanides triggered by single and multi-bubble cavitation 

B.J. Ravoo – Stimulus responsive adhesion of vesicles 

L. Daubersies – Confined drying of polymer solutions 

H. Motschmann – Addressing the mechanism of ion specific effects 

G. Caminati – Nanofabrication of mesoporous architectures for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs) 

KN B. Raether – Sustainability – Driver for Amphiphilic Systems Research 

KN M. Borkovec – The Multi- Particle Colloidal Probe Technique 

KN S. Bárány – Flocculation of dispersions by polyelectrolyte mixtures 

G. Findenegg – Surface- induced self-assembly of surfactants in nanopores 

P. Kralchevsky – Hydration force due to the reduced screening of the electrostatic repulsion in few-nanometre-thick films 

St. Schmidt – Preparation of Calcium Carbonate Templated Protein Microparticles and Identification of Material Parameters 

J. Almeida – Gemini surfactants as membrane modulators 

G. Koper – Synthesis of Magnetic Noble Metal (Nano)Particles 

J. Chong – High Throughput Study to Evaluate Steric Stabiliser for Cubic Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Nanoparticles 

L. Ionov – Soft microorigami: self-folding polymer films 

K. Wojciechowski – Anion- specificity at the water-air interface probed with Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence (TRXF) 

Ch. Sauerbeck – Probing colloidal interfaces by angle- resolved second harmonic light scattering 

Y. Lu – Polymeric Colloids as Ã’NanoreactorsÓ for the Immobilization of Metal Nanoparticles 

J. Zhao – Effect of matrix modification on interfacial adhesion of glass fibre reinforced poly(vinylidene fluoride) composite 

Zh. Fan – Anisotropic Responsive Microgels via Guided Self-Assembly and Inter-Particle Crosslinking 

KN L. Piculell – Phase diagrams come alive! Equilibrium phase diagrams rationalize results of chemical reactions in surfactant systems 

KN D. Danino – Unraveling the Mechanism of Nanotube Formation by Chiral Self- Assembly of Amphiphiles 

KN A. Laschewsky – Designing Novel Giant Surfactants from Amphiphilic Block Copolymer “Bottle-Brushes”

L. Romsted – Balance-of- Forces Controlling Surfactant Mesophase Structures and their Transitions: Hydration and Specific Ion Interactions 

F. Laredj-Bourezg – Biocompatible and biodegradable emulsions stabalized with organic solid particles 

P. van Rijn – Self-assembled membranes from bionanoparticle-polymer conjugates 

A. Walther – Biomimetic Materials via Self-Assembly of Core-Shell Colloids 

F. Ortega – Charged microparticles trapped at interfaces. Equilibrium and dynamics and their use as microrheology tracers 

D. Harries – Tailoring DLVO theory to predict the stability of nanoparticles in aqueous solutions 

R. Ramsch – Branched-chain glycolipids – versatile and biocompatible amphiphiles for new drug carrier systems 

K. Gawlitza – Structural investigations of p-NIPAM hydrogels and immobilization of enzymes into these hydrogel particles by solvent exchange 

J. Courtois – Probing colloidal complexes formation made of oppositely charged copolymer and surfactant or nanoparticle by isothermal titration calorimetry 

K. Kanie – Phospholipids with a Thermotropic Liquid- Crystalline Moiety to Develop Stimuli-Responsive Active Membrane 

O. Glatter – Structural Transformations During Fat Digestion 

J. Kaiser – Studies on Gold- Palladium Nanoalloys Stabalized on Spherical Polyelectrolyte Brushes 

Monday – Poster Session 1 
Topic 4: Particles, Nanoparticles, Capsules, Dispersions (first part) 
Musial, Witold: The effect of low process temperature on the hydrodynamic radius of polyNIPAM-co-PEG thermosensitive nanoparticles for protein binding 

Musial, Witold: The insight into characteristics of polyNIPAM-co-PEG nanodispersion by conductometric measurements in the course of extraction-purification 

Muthig, Michael: Model Selection in Indirect Fourier Transform Methods 

Nakaya, Masafumi: Synthesis of zinc blend (CdMn)S nanoparticles with control of composition and size 

Nattich-Rak, Malgorzata: Fibrinogen monolayers on mica studied via the Streaming Potential and Colloid Deposition Methods 

Negro, Emanuela: Bicontinuous microemulsion as reaction media for the synthesis of Multimetallic Nanoparticles 

Neubauer, Martin Peter: Force Spectroscopy on Spider Silk Particles 

Nowicki, Waldemar: Elasticity of a single polymer bridge between nanoparticles 

Oberdisse, Julian: Reinforcement and polymer mobility in model nanocomposites of controlled structure 

Orban, Sebastian: Characterization and Investigation of the pH dependent Poly(acrylacid)/Porphyrin complex formation 

Pál, Edit: Raspberry-, and prism-like ZnO nanoparticles and ZnO-In(OH)3 nanocomposites prepared by hydrothermal method 

Paques, Jerome: Alginate capsules gelled with CaCl2 nanoparicles 

Pazos-Pérez, Nicolas: Silver coated aluminium microrods as highly colloidal stable SERS platforms 

Pekar, Miloslav: Interactions between hyaluronan and CTAB studied by fluorescence spectroscopy 

Petzold, Gudrun: Sticky removal from wastewater characterized by dynamic surface tension measurements

Pihan, Sascha: Nanowear in a nanoparticle reinforced polymer 

Plotniece, Aiva: Self-assembling compounds on base of amphiphilic 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives: studies of biological properties and characterisation of their formed nanoparticles 

Puretskiy, Nikolay: Synthesis and some properties of polymer brushes covered robust raspberry-like particles 

Rabe, Christian: Structural Investigations of Core-Multishell Nanoparticles – First results from small angle scattering experiments 

Ramsch, Roland: New Approach for the Encapsulation of Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles in a Biocompatible Polymer 

Rata-Aguilar, Azahara: Physicochemical characterization of polyplexes based on low molecular weight poly(beta-amino esters) 

Richter, Marcel: Determination of viscoelastic properties of adsorbed thermo responsive gel particles via AFM tip indentation 

Riemer, Sven: Synthesis and study of the aggregation behavior of block-copolymers 

Rommerskirchen, Renke: Phthalimidoylamino acid-based UV-sensitive surfactants and their use in droplet and bicontinuous microemulsion polymerization 

Rubio-Retama, Jorge: Synthesis of Thermosensitive Microgels with Tunable Magnetic Core 

Sabatino, Paolo: Determination of the enclosed volume of DODAC vesicular dispersions by means of NMR diffusiometry and T2 relaxometry 

Sabín, Juan: Studying the formation of stable clusters in liposomic systems using light scattering techniques 

Sadeghpour, Amin: Charging and stability behavior of colloidal particles in presence of weak polyelectrolytes 

Schäferhans, Jana: Novel procedure to prepare porous Al-Cu alloys by ultrasound for dehydrogenation of propane at low temperatures 

Schenderlein, Matthias: Multifunctional polymer micro- and nanocontainers used as active feedback protection in anti-fouling coatings 

Scherzinger, Christine: Cononsolvency of core-shell microgels 

Schillén, Karin: Composite self-assembled aggregates of polyion- surfactant ion complex salts and nonionic surfactants 

Schmid, Andreas: Zwitterionic Microgels: Synthesis and Characterization 

Schmidt, Jochen: Colloidal interactions in non-polar environment studied by optical tweezers and atomic force microscopy 

Schürings, Marco-Philipp: Guided Self-Assembly of Microgels: From Particle Array to Anisotropic Nanostructures 

Schwarz, Simona: Rheological properties and sedimentation behaviour of calcium carbonate and china clay dispersions 

Schwarz, Simona: Nanostructured architectures based on weak polyions 

Serrano-Ruiz, David: Poly(ethyleneglycol-ε-caprolactone)@Fe3O4 Nanoparticles for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Drug Delivery System 

Shironina, Anastasia: Dividing of protein fractions by the method of electrophoresis 

Simo, Anne: The Growth Process of the Complex Metal Functionalized Glass System by Small Angle X-ray Scattering 

Simo, Anne: Silver Nanoparticle Formation in Complex Metal Functionalized Glasses 

Skirtach, Andre: Nanoparticles as active absorption centres on flat surfaces and spherical microcapsules 

Skrivele, Baiba: Studies of properties and stability of nanoparticles formed by self-assembling amphiphilic pyridinium compound 

Sobisch, Titus: Characterization of protein induced flocculation of silica nanoparticles by analytical centrifugation 

Sobisch, Titus: Comparative characterization of magnetic nanodispersions 

Sobisch, Titus: Screening for colloidal stabilization and flocculation 

Sobisch, Titus: Colloidal characterization of silica iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles modified for gene delivery 

Spalla, Olivier: Anisotropy of gold nanorods: the input of scattering (X-ray and neutrons) techniques 

Sperling, Marcel: Particles from colloidal Materials 

Stegelmeier, Corinna: Assembling wormlike micelles into mesoporous membranes 

Szczepanowicz, Krzysztof: Functional nanocapsules for targeted drug delivery 

Szczepanowicz, Krzysztof: Polyelectrolyte multilayer thin films with antimicrobial properties 

Szczepanowicz, Krzysztof: Polyelectrolyte nanocapsules containing MBT inhibitor for corrosion protection of AA2014 alloys 

Szczepanowicz, Krzysztof Targeted delivery system for therapy of schizophrenia 

Szilagyi, Istvan: A Generic Molecular Mass Dependence of Polyelectrolytes Adsorbing on Particles 

Tang, Fu: Conjugated Polymer-Ag@SiO2 Hybrid Fluorescent Nanoparticles for Application to Cellular Imaging 

Thiermann, Raphael: Continuous Synthesis of Polymersomes in Micromixers 

Trefalt, Gregor: Designing Aqueous TiO2 Suspensions for the Use in Ink-Jet Printing Technology 

van Berkum, Susanne: Magnetic hydrogels with chemically bound nanoparticles 

van Leeuwen, Youri Mikal: Unexpected colloidal stability in an aggregating system: stability of colloidal pyrophosphates 

van Leeuwen, Youri Mikal: Morphology of colloidal metal pyrophosphate salts 

Varga, Imre: Preparation of Monodisperse Poly(N- isopropylacrylamide) Microgel Particles with Homogenous Crosslink Density Distribution 

Varga, Imre: Formation of non-aggregated polyelectrolyte complexes 

Villari, Valentina: Supramolecular polymers: Interaction potential effect or concentration-dependent polymerization? 

Wedel, Bastian: Particle evolution of microgels based on acrylamide derivatives 

Wolter, Nonio: Adhesive polymersomes 

Worsch, Peter M.: GI-SAXS with highest precision performed on a standard lab system 

Wuithschick, Maria: Parameter Dependent Studies as Essential Requirement for the Size Control of Metal Nanoparticles 

Yao, Hiroshi: Porphyrin nanoparticles with induced optical activity 

Yιldιz, Salih: Amperometric xanthine biosensor based on deposition gold on polyvinylferrocene film coated Pt electrode 

Zavisova, Vlasta: Adsorption of bovine serum albumin on magnetic nanoparticles 

Zhao, Jie: Preparation of functional inkjet inks for multi- functionalization of fabrics: I. Surface modification of TiO2 nanoparticles with silane coupling agent 

Zumbuehl, Andreas: Synthesis and Applications of Artificial Phospholipids 

Altιn, Burcu: Synthesis and Characterization of Silica Based Functional Nanoparticles for Multi-Purpose Applications 

Monday – Poster Session 1 
Topic 5: Structure and Rheology of Colloidal Systems 
Aidarova, Saule: Effect of polyelectrolyte molecular weight to the dilational rheology of polyelectrolyte-surfactant complex at the water/oil interface 

Aksenenko, Eugene: Rheology and dynamics of protein adsorption layers – a computation-based approach 

Auernhammer, Günter K.: Colloidal aggregates tested via nanoindentation and simultaneous 3D imaging

Bergström, Magnus: Investigating the micelle-to-bilayer transition in surfactant mixtures 

Chevigny, Chloe: Substrate influence on the structure and properties of polyelectrolytes multilayers 

Chiappisi, Leonardo: Chitosan and Oppositely Charged Alkyl Ethoxy Carboxylates Mixtures: Structure, Dynamics and Thermodynamics 

Chytil, Martin: Investigation of protonated L-Lysine and 6-Aminocaproic acid with hyaluronan 

Curschellas, Corina: Relaxation of Polyglycerol Ester Covered Air-Water Interfaces after Large Deformations 

De Michele, Cristiano: Scaling between Structural Relaxation and Particle Caging in a Model Colloidal Gel 

Di Giuseppe, Erika: Rheological and Mechanical properties of Hard- Sphere Silica Colloids: from liquid Newtonian to brittle behaviour 

Dias, Rita: Segregation Effects in Confined Colloidal Mixtures 

Elmahdy, Mahdy: Compression and lateral forces within single pairs of DNA-grafted colloids 

Erol, Ozlem: Effect of surface properties on electrorheological response of hematite/silicone oil dispersions 

Escalante, José I.: Effect of electrolyte and counterion hydrophilicity on the macroscopic properties of dilute micellar solutions 

Filippov, Anatoly: Asymmetric current-voltage curves of nanocomposite membranes 

Fischer, Birgit: Bond-order in hard sphere glasses tracked by coherent X-rays 

Gentile, Luigi: On the instability of the MLVs under shear rate in C12E5/D2O system 

Gutsche, Christof: Micro-rheology on (polymer-grafted) colloids using optical tweezers 

Guzmán, Eduardo: Interfacial Properties of Mixed Palmitic Acid-Silica Nanoparticles Systems 

Hoffmann, Heinz: Hydrogels from Phosphocholin 

Hsiao, Lilian: Direct visualization of strain-induced yielding in colloidal gels 

Illa, Ramakanth: Phase behavior of Cetylpyridinium chloride gels in binary solvent mixtures 

Jankunec, Marija: The phase behavior of aqueous soy phosphatidylcholine/ glycerol dioleate mixtures 

Javadian Farzaneh, Soheila: Aggregation behavior and intermicellar interactions of cationic gemini surfactants: Effects of alkyl chain, spacer lengths and temperature 

Kamada, Miho: A Clear Lamellar Gel Formation with a Large Amount of Solubilization of Water 

Khavari, Adele: Structure Dynamics of Alginate Systems 

Klee, Andreas: Microemulsions Formed by a Magnetic Room Temperature Ionic Liquid (MRTIL) – Is the Structure Tunable by a Magnetic Field? 

Kocherbitov, Vitaly: Effect of dehydration on properties of colloidal systems 

Krägel, Jürgen: Shear rheology of mixed silica particle-surfactant systems at the water/oil interface 

Krägel, Jürgen: Bulk rheology of surfactant particles mixtures 

Lajovic, Andrej: Local ordering of simple organic liquids in the nanometre range 

Lattuada, Marco: Colloidal Aggregates Breakage Kinetics from Stokesian Dynamics Simulations 

López García, Susana: Different kinetic behaviours for hydrolysis reactions in non-ionic micelles and IL/w microemulsions 

Malo de Molina, Paula: Telechelic star polymer-microemulsion networks: Structure and Dynamics 

Medronho, Bruno: Planar Lamellae and Onions: A Spatially Resolved Rheo-NMR Approach to the Phase Transformations in a Surfactant Model System 

Micciulla, Samantha: Effect of molecular weight and its asymmetry on the formation of polyelectrolyte multilayers 

Mohammadi, Mansur S.: Decoupling viscosity from 3D (Dispensing, Dispersing, Dissolving) in colloidal systems 

Moussa Ragueh, Deka: Multilevel structure of reinforcing precipitated silica: A study based on small angle X-ray scattering techniques 

Olutaş, Elif Berna: Salt effect on micellization and adsorption properties of some partially fluorinated surfactants in aqueous solution 

Popig, Jens: Synthesis of Gradient Copolymers of Polystyrene/Polyacrylic Acid and Their Aggregation Behaviour in Aqueous Solution 

Rodríguez- Dafonte, Pedro: Metal-Ligand Reactions in Ionic Liquid Microemulsions 219 116 Sabadini, Edvaldo Thermal-Stability of Mixed Giant Micelles 

Sankaranaraya- nan, Kamatchi: Stability and structure of myoglobin in amino acid ionic liquid phase: Role of viscosity in self assembly processes 

Satoh, Akira: Lattice Boltzmann simulations of a magnetic suspension by means of the viscosity-modifying method 

Schmidt, Claudia: Aqueous gels of surfactant/fatty alcohol mixtures as seen by NMR spectroscopy 

Schulze, Nicole: Polyampholyte modified lamellar liquid crystalline systems 

Sedlácek, Petr: Reactivity of biopolymers as observed by simple diffusion experiments 

Shah, Aayush: Assembly of Colloidal Rods by Means of DC Electric Fields 

Sturcová, Adriana: Micellization of modified Pluronic block copolymers: polymer-water interactions and charge formation 

Tomsic, Matija: Exploring effects accompanying linear temperature- ramp in multispeckle DLS 

Unal, Halil Ibrahim: Electrokinetic and electrorheological properties of polyindole/TiO2colloidal dispersions prepared in the presence of surfactant 

Valiente, Mercedes: Phase and Rheological Behaviour of LSB and Brij-35 in Water and Branched Alcohol Media 

Wenzl, Jennifer: Confocal imaging of shear deformation in aggregated colloidal systems 

Willenbacher, Norbert: Mixed wormlike micelles of cationic surfactants: effect of the co-surfactant chain length on the bending elasticity and rheological properties

Willenbacher, Norbert: Particle configurations and gelation in capillary suspensions 

Yuno-Ohta, Naoko: β-Casein aids in the Formation of a Sodium Caprate– induced β-Lactoglobulin B Gel 

Zerball, Maximilian: Effect of substrate on the formation of polyelectrolytes multilayers 

Topic 6: Bioinspired Materials 
Bazylińska, Urszula: Biological response of oil core-polyelectrolyte shell nanocapsules 

Berti, Debora: Structural and Dynamical properties of lipid-DNA assemblies and interaction with model membranes 

Berts, Ida: Neutron reflectivity studies on grafted hyaluronic acid polymer 

Birlik Demirel, Gökçen Photocontrollable DNA Hybridization on Reversibly Photoresponsive Surfaces 

Brezesinski, Gerald: Binding Studies of Model DNA to New Lipids Designed for Gene Transfection 

Castelletto, Valeria: Tuning the Self-Assembly of the Bioactive Dipeptide L-Carnosine by Incorporation of a Bulky Aromatic Substituent 

Ciani, Laura: Resveratrol loaded liposome: a strategy for delivering natural antioxidants 

Dékány, Imre: Immobilization of amino acids and proteins on pure and modified gold surface using surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) techniques 

Eiblmeier, Josef: Precipitation of Silica-Carbonate Biomorphs on microstructured substrates 

Füredi Milhofer, Helga: Organic-inorganic nanocomposite coatings for metal implants 

Giustini, Mauro: Bacterial Reaction Centre incorporation into Janus dendrimerosomes 

Glatzel, Stefan: Magnetic iron carbides from readily available biopolymers 

Jouault, Nicolas: Dynamic combinatorial mesophases: selection of supramolecular self-assemblies through pH- modulation 

Klucáková, Martina: Interactions between hyaluronan and CTAB – ISE titration 

Kovacevic, Davor: Complexation of DNA with poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride) 

Krastev, Rumen: Polyelectrolyte multilayers as a tool for local drug delivery and controlled interaction with biological tissues 

Madaboosi, Narayanan: Microfluidics as a tool to understand build-up mechanism of polyelectrolyte multilayers and to pattern surfaces for tuning cell-surface interactions 

Makowski, Marcin Wet and sticky: single molecule bioadhesion in water 

Martin-Molina, Alberto: Effect of fluorinated cholesterol on the stability of lipoplexes made of DNA and cationic liposomes 

Monduzzi, Maura: Fast preparation and characterization of innovative cationic small liposomes 

Montis, Costanza: Nucleolipid-based DNA vectors: structural characterization and interaction with cell membrane model systems 

Negm, Nabel: New Schiff Base Cationic Surfactants: Surface and Thermodynamic Properties and Applicability in Bacterial Growth and Metal Corrosion Prevention 

Palazzo, Gerardo: Integration of phospholipid bilayer and biological membranes into OTFT reveals interactions with anaesthetics 

Pihl, Maria: Effects of implant surface coatings on bacterial adhesion 

Ramanaviciene, Almira: The effect of enzymatically synthesized polymer layer for amperometric glucose biosensor 

Rehbock, Christoph Synthesis of laser-generated gold nanomarkers by delayed bioconjugation 

Ristori, Sandra: Complexing a Small Interfering RNA with cationic micelles 

Sagalowicz, Laurent: Design of self assembly structures for optimal absorption of lipophilic nutrients via oral delivery 

Sakamoto, Seiichi: A fluorescent single domain antibody against plumbagin expressed in silkworm larvae for fluorescence-linked immunosorbent assay (Next- generation immunoassay using antibody) 

Schulz, Alexander: Mineral Capsules via Mineralization of Emulsions 

Soloveva, Daria: Polymer – lipase complexes as biomaterials 

Szyk-Warszyńska, Lilianna Biomimetic photoactive multilayers containing xanthopterin 

Uhlig, Katja: PEG-based thermo-responsive polymer surfaces for controlling cell adhesion 

Wilk, Kazimiera Anna: Fungal based synthesis of gold nanoparticles – an effect of culture conditions on the size of particles 

Xenakis, Aristotelis: Bioinspired microemulsions for transdermal administration of bioactive compounds: a comparative study 

Yordanov, Georgi: Development of poly(butyl cyanoacrylate) colloids as carriers for the antifungal drug econazole 

Zaitsev, Sergei: Application of the interfacial phenomenon to the biochemical diagnostics of the model systems and animal blood 

Topic 7: Surfactants and Sustainability 
Babić-Ivancić, Vesna: Influence of the anionic and non-ionic surfactants on precipitation and transformation of the struvite to the newberyite 

Bressel, Katharina: Kinetics of the formation of polymer modified vesicles studied with the SAXS-stopped-flow technique 

Bunio, Paulina: Interfacial properties and anti-electrostatic ability of new sorbyloyl-type quaternary ammonium single and gemini polymerizable surfactants 

Chevalier, Yves: Anionic surfactants with cationic cyclodextrin counterion 

Chevalier, Yves: Cationic surfactants based on chemically modified beta-cyclodextrins 

Drach, Mateusz: Molecular dynamics study of propyl gallate in SDS micelles 

Engelskirchen, Sandra: Activity and interfacial properties of enzymes in self- assembled reaction media 

Fanun, Monzer: Volumetric and Diffusion Properties of Water/Surfactant/n-Propanol/4-Allylanisole Micellar Systems 

Fauser, Heiko: Foaming and adsorption behavior of oppositely charged surfactant mixtures 

Feitosa, Eloi: Thermal behavior and stability of dialkyldimethylammonium bromide cationic vesicles studied by differential scanning calorimetry 

Förster, Anita: Microelectronics – Defect suppression in 193-nm lithography by using an anionic surfactant in the development process 

Klossek, Michael: Microemulsions with Renewable Feedstock Oils 

Kroflic, Ana: Thermodynamic investigation of micellization of zwitterionic detergent CHAPS: temperature, salt and pH dependence 

Krouská, Jitka: Surface tension of hyaluronan-surfactant systems 

Krstonosić, Veljko: Interaction of Polyacrylic acid (carbopol 940) Microgels with Sodium dodecylsulfate 

Milanovic, Jadranka: Viscosimetric and tensiometric investigations of interactions between gelatin and various surface active molecules 

Nakahara, Hiromichi: Effect of Added Salt Concentrations on Surface Adsorption of Typical Surfactants 

Nakahara, Hiromichi: Effects of Palmitic Acid on Pulmonary Surfactant Model Systems: A Langmuir Monolayer Study 

Narkiewicz- Michalek, Jolanta: Studies of Vitamin C Antioxidative Activity in the N- Oxide Surfactant Solutions 

Negm, Nabel: Environmentally Friend Nonionic Surfactants Derived From Tannic Acid: Synthesis, Characterization and Influence of Structure on the Surface Activity 

Nunes, Sandra: A Coarse-grained approach to the interaction of gemini surfactants with charged model membranes 

Obounou Akong, Firmin: Structural variation of original amphiphilic pseudopeptides : from supramolecular organogels to hydrogels 

Olutaş, Elif Berna Aggregation and antimicrobial properties of amino acid-based surfactants in aqueous solution 

Patitsa, Maria: An optical fiber sensor for on-line detection of the removal of fatty acid multilayer by surfactants 

Petrovic, Lidija: Conductometric investigation of the HPMC/SDS/ nonionic surfactant systems 

Rodríguez, Amalia: Synthesis and physicochemical characterization of alkanedyil-Â¥-Â¥-bis(dodecyldimethylammonium) bromide 12-s-12,2Br- surfactants (s=7,9,11) 

Rojas, Oscar: Gold nanoparticle formation in ionic liquids for biosensor applications 

Rojewska, Monika: Adsorption properties of binary mixtures containing quaternary derivatives of lysosomotropic substances 

Rukhadze, Marina: Influence of Caffeine on Pharmacokinetics of Micellar Drug Promethazine in rabbits 

Shibata, Osamu: Surface Property and Miscibility of a Partially Fluorinated Amphiphile (F4H11OH) with Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine 

Skrzypczak, Andrzej: 1-Ethyl-3-alkoxymethylimidazolium 2,5- dihydroxybenzenesulfonates, synthesis and properties 

Skrzypczak, Andrzej: Synthesis and surface activity of cationic bis- imidazolium surfactants with selected amino acids anions 

Sohrabi, Beheshteh: The effect of toluene on micellar phase of SDS 

Sohrabi, Beheshteh: The investigation of Triterpenoid Glycosides Properties as surfactant 

Sohrabi, Beheshteh: Study of Novel Bolaforms and Compare with DTAB as Conventional Surfactant in Aqueous Solution 

Starov, Victor: Infra-red spectra of nonionic surfactants at hydrophobic solid/aqueous solution interface studied with FTIR-ATR 

Szymula, Marta: Studies of Ascorbic Acid and Ascorbyl Palmitate Electroactivity in the H2O/ACN(EtOH) Solutions Containing Surfactants 

Tominaga, Toshihiro: Partition coefficients and possible solubilization sites of phenylalkanols in zwitterionic micelles 

Wilk, Kazimiera Anna: New environmentally friendly dicephalic amine dichlorides; synthesis and adsorption 

Zemb, Thomas: Reverse micelles triggered by the nature of solutes: should the CMC concept be replaced by the LAC concept ? 

Zemb, Thomas: Weak aggregation of extractants in solvents induced by co-extracted species 

Topic 9: Specific ion effects 
Bastos-González, Delfi: Charge Inversion on PNIPAM nanoparticles: Specific Ion Effects 

Christoforou, Maria: The Effect of Hofmeister Ions on Phospholipid Monolayers 

Dragutan, Ileana: Effect of coordinated anions on the binding affinity of procaine drugs to model membranes, monitored by ESR spectroscopy 

Duignan, Timothy: Accurate effective ionic interaction potentials in water within the continuum solvent approximation 

Eslahian, Kyriakos Alexandros: Effect of Electrolyte Species and Concentration on the Soret Coefficient of Aqueous Dispersions observed by Thermal Field-Flow Fractionation

Hou, Sheng-Shu: Effect of the hydrophilic ionic liquid on the interaction between poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) and sodium dodecyl sulfate 

Kunz, Werner: Lidocaine Carboxylates – A New Class of Pharmaceutically Active, Surfactant-Like Ionic Liquids 

Lima, Filipe: 1H-NMR demonstrates that the surface of dodecyltrimethylammonium triflate is ordered 

Medda, Luca: Specific Ion effects on the Electrochemical Properties of Cytochrome c 

Mello, Renata: Calorimeric study of the interaction of DNA with cationic and neutral block co-polymers 

Parsons, Drew: Hofmeister reversal at high salt concentration: relationship to ionic dispersion forces, pH and charge reversal. 

Pereira, Rui: Effect of alkyl-based surfactant acidity and hydration on the multivalent-metal ion-surfactant interactions 

Pousaneh, Faezeh: Effect of ions on critical phenomena in confined binary mixture 

Požar, Josip: Thermodynamics of complexation of poly(styrene sulfonate) anion with poly(allylammonium) cation; the effect of ionic strength and electrolyte type 

Ridings, Christiaan: Charge distribution at the free surface of imidazolium-based ionic liquids: Effect of chain length and added water 

Rukhadze, Marina: Chromatographic Behavior of Some Organic Compounds via Reverse Microemulsion Liquid Chromatography 

Salis, Andrea: Specific ion effects on lysozyme adsorption on ordered mesoporous silica 

Semenov, Ilya: Electric field driven DNA-grafted colloids as studied by Single Colloid Electrophoresis 

Sievers, Torsten: Liquid-solid extraction of metallic cations by cationic amphiphiles 

Zemb, Thomas: Salts in reverse micelles in equilibrium with excess water phase: complexation versus long range interaction 

Tuesday – Oral Sessions 
PL 2 Friedrich Kremer (Ostwald Prize) – Experiments with single colloids 

KN C. Giordano – Cucinare Nano: classical and novel recipes for high performance nanostructured ceramics 

KN P. Baglioni – Nanocontainers for restoration and conservation of cultural heritage 

KN A.-L. Fameau – Smart Foams: Switching Reversibly between Ultrastable and Unstable Foams 

H. Nuss – Development of polymeric vesicles as bio- inspired mineralisation microreactors

Th. Zemb – Salt-resilient Pickering emulsions stabilized by solid stacks of catanionic micro-crytals of controlled size and charge 

C. Curschellas – Atomic Force Microscopy as a Tool to Characterize the Structure of Polyglycerol Ester Foam Films 

E. Karabulut – Layer-by-Layer films of carboxymethylated cellulose nanofibril/Dopamine hybrid conjugates 

J. Esquena – Macroporous solid foams obtained in highly concentrated Pickering emulsions stabilized with magnetic nanoparticles 

M. Laupheimer – Phase Behaviour of Gelled Bicontinuous Microemulsions Studied by UV/Vis and PFG NMR Spectroscopy 

Cs. Kotsmar – Mesh Size in Soft-Contact-Lens Hydrogels Using Shear Rheology and Solute Diffusion 

M. Laurenti – Anisotropic Triangular Nanoplates Synthesis Mediated by Lead and Cadmium 

G. Cado – From LbL to simultaneously sprayed polyanion/polycation polyelectrolyte nanoscale coatings 

G. Fritz-Popovski – The Hierarchical Structure of Wood Reproduced in Silica 

N. Ábrahám – Enhanced photoluminescence of ZnO films on gold coated glass by plasmonic coupling 

R. Berger – Colloids, Composites and Films on Nanomechancial Cantilevers 

M. Maas – A New Method for the Preparation of Mineralized Nanofibers 

M. Sanchez-Dominguez – Synthesis of mixed and doped cerium oxides by the oil-in-water microemulsion reaction method 

A. Ziegemeier – Humidity- tunable electronic conductivity of polyelectrolyte multilayers doped with Au-nanoparticles 

KN Th. Scheibel – Recombinant spider silk proteins: bio-inspired polymers for particles, films and more 

KN A. Delgado – Electrokinetic methods applied to the evaluation of energy extraction from water salinity differences 

KN G. Lazzara – Formation of Pseudorotaxanes and Micelles Supramolecular Assemblies Tuned by Selective Cyclodextrines 

R. Zimehl – From ivory and whalebone to bio inspired dental materials 

M. Oćwieja – Tuning silver particle monolayer structure and density via controlled adsorption-desorption processes 

L. Galantini – Stimuli responsive Bile Salt derivatives 

P. Bauduin – Hydration of sugar based surfactants under osmotic stress: a SAXS study 

A. Ramanavicius – Glucose and Ethanol Powered Biofuel Cells 

M. Hoffmann – Structure and Rheology of Thermoresponsive Colloidal Molecules 

Ph. Erni – Selective Coprecipitation of Polyphenols in Bioactive/Inorganic Complexes 

K. Bohinc – Interaction between charged surfaces induced by rod-like ions 

N. Willenbacher – Fluidization of highly concentrated colloidal dispersions by tailoring weak depletion attraction 

M. Chanana – Protein Coated Gold Nanoparticles: Bio- Inspired Multi-Responsive Plasmonic Nanomaterials 

M. Sedlá‡k – Self-assembly of thermoresponsive ion containing polymers into stable nanoparticles 

M. Jabnoun – Adsorption layers of surfactant mixtures on non-polar solid particles and stability of dispersions 

KN H. Schönherr – Liesegang Prize Winner – Surface nanobubbles on binary self- assembled monolayers with systematically varied wettability by atomic force microscopy 

KN A. Javadi – Studies of liquid-liquid interfacial properties under highly dynamic conditions

KN W. Goedel – Preparation of microsieves – using sacrificial templates 

J. Gummel – Concentration dependent pathways in spontaneous self-assembly of unilamellar vesicles 

V. Starov – Kinetics of evaporation of liquid droplets 

L. Isa – Measuring single nanoparticle wetting properties 

R. Tuinier – Colloids and the depletion interaction. The legacy of Asakura and Oosawa 

J. Maldonado-Valderrama – An in-vitro digestion model with the pendant drop film balance 

E. Kooij – Directional wetting on chemically patterned substrates 

P. Holmqvist – Anisotropic structural response in LAOS measurements of colloidal platelets investigated by time resolved rheo-SAXS 

R. Sedev – Molecular-Kinetic Model of the Dynamic Contact Angle 

P. Papadopoulos – Imaging superhydrophobic surfaces by confocal microscopy 

S. Sennato – Polyelectrolyte- induced aggregation of liposomes: charge patch attraction and cluster phase formation 

E. Azzam – Enhancement the Inhibition Efficiency of Synthesized Polymeric Surfactants for carbon steel using silver nanoparticles 

C. Weber – Quantitative Experimental Studies of Homogeneous and Heterogenous Nucleation in Evaporating Films 

Tuesday – Poster Session 2 
Topic 1: Dynamics of interfaces 
Aidarova, Saule: The dynamic surface and interfacial tensions of polyallylamine hydrochloride/sodium dodecyl sulphate at water/hexane interfaces 

Belova, Valentina: Control of cavitation at solid surfaces 

Boulogne, François: Coupling between Rayleigh-Plateau instability and drying process 

Brotchie, Adam: Characterising acoustic cavitation and its application in the preparation of novel nano- and micro- structures 

Chevallier, Eloise: Pumping-out photo-surfactants from an air-water interface using light 

Dan, Abhijit: Different Aspects of Polymer-Surfactant Interactions: A Critical Assessment of Their Interfacial and Bulk behaviors with Reference to Conformational Changes 

Erni, Philipp: Interfacial rheology meets compositional ripening: buckling instabilities on emulsion drops with mass transfer 

Førland, Geir Martin: Adsorption of phenol from decane solutions onto porous silica adsorbents 

Halacheva, Silviya: Towards the control of spontaneous multilayer formation at the air/water interface in oligoamine/SDS mixtures 

Hanyak, Myroslava: Surfactant spreading on spatially confined thin liquid films 

He, Yunfei: Adsorption of cationic gemini surfactant 12-2-12á2Br at the air/water interface 

Helm, Christiane A.: Interdiffusion in the outer zone of polyelectrolyte multilayers 

Helm, Christiane A.: Molecular Mechanisms of Phosphatidylcholine Monolayer Solidification due to Hydroxyl Radicals 

Hiltl, Stephanie: Controlling colloidal self-assembly: a combinatorial approach using wrinkle gradients 

Jordanova, Albena: How does Poloxamer 188 affect the surface properties of DPoPE monolayers? 

Karbaschi, Mohsen: Marangoni instabilities on a mobile surface, a combination of experimental and computational study 

Kovalchuk, Nina: Ionic strength and pH as tools to control spontaneous surface oscillations produced by dissolution of fatty acid under air/water interface 

Koynov, Kaloian: Studying liquid flow near solid surfaces by total internal reflection fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy (TIR-FCCS) 

Kreuzer, Martin: Stabilization of lipid multilayer systems by polysaccharides 

Liedel, Clemens: Investigations on the Alignment of a Triblock Copolymer in Three Dimensions 

Loglio, Giuseppe: Properties of adsorption layers at fluid-fluid interfaces as studied by capillary-pressure tensiometry and liquid-film tensiometry 

Malysa, Kazimierz: Influence of electrolyte on velocity of the bubbles rising in solutions of sodium n-alkylsulfates (C8, C10, C12) 

Mezger, Markus: On the origin of the hydrophobic water gap 

Mikhailovskaya, Alesya: Protein unfolding at the liquid-gas interface as studied by dilational surface rheology 

Mileva, Elena: Adsorption layer properties and foam film drainage of aqueous solutions from ethyleneoxide monododecyl ethers: evidences for premicelles 

Moradi, Narges: Co-adsorption of alkane vapor from the gas phase and surfactants from the aqueous phases on the water-air interface 

Nagashima, Teruyoshi: Reaction mechanisms of phospholipase C on the surface of lipid film 

Noor El-Din, Mahmoud Reyad: Study on the stability of water–in–kerosene nano- emulsions and their dynamic surface properties 

Ramírez del Amo, Pablo: Dynamic interfacial tension of triblock copolymer solutions at the water-hexane interface 

Ramírez del Amo, Pablo: Non-ionic triblock copolymers at the oil-water interface: structure and properties 

Ravera, Francesca: Recent Developments in Models and Experimental Methods for Dilational Rheology of Mixed Particle- Surfactant Interfacial Layers 

Skorb, Ekaterina: Silicon structural properties design by ultrasonication 

Torcello-Gómez, Amelia: Interfacial study of a bile salt onto surfactant-covered oil-water interfaces 

Voigt, Axel: A continuum model for colloid-stabilized interfaces 

Wang, Dapeng: Diffusion of single nanoparticles at oil-water interfaces as revealed by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy 

Won, Jooyoung: Dynamics of liquid interfaces as studied by Drop and Bubble Micro Manipulator 

Wüstneck, Rainer: Conformation and interfacial properties of protein adsorption layers 

Yang, Jingfa: From mushroom to brush: the dynamics of single diblock copolymer chain at the liquid-liquid interface 

Zhao, Jiang: Hofmeister effect on surface dynamics of single chains of a polyelectrolyte 

Topic 2: Films, Foams, Emulsions 
Baoukina, Svetlana: Domains in lipid monolayers 

Belyaeva, Elena: Quantum-chemical description of the thermodynamic parameters of clusterization of trans-monoienic carbon acids at the air/water interface 

Besnard, Lucie: Emulsion inversion through a controlled process of multiple emulsions 

Blanco, Josmar: Effect of inorganic and organic bases on the formation, breaking and dehydration of extraheavy crude oil in water emulsion stabilized with Natural Surfactant 

Boos, Julia: Foam Properties of n-Dodecyl-β-D-Maltoside, Hexaethyleneglycol Monododecyl Ether, and their 1:1 mixture 

Bordes, Romain: Modified silica sols based emulsifiers 

Carlsson, Gunilla: Fluorescence microscopy – the most versatile tool for in situ investigation of colloids? 

Cohen, Rashel: Foam and wetting films stabilized with a dirhamnolipid biosurfactant produced by Pseudomonas aeruguinosa strain BN10 

Costa, Séverine: The rheology of soap films connected to Plateau borders 

Delahaije, Roy: Quantification of flocculation of protein-stabilized emulsion droplets 

Drelich, Audrey: Influence of added surfactant on composition ripening in O/W mixed emulsion stabilized by solid particles 

Drenckhan, Wiebke: Highly structured porous polymer materials from liquid foam templates 

Dutschk, Victoria: The role of emulsifier in stabilization of emulsions containing colloidal alumina particles 

Elgammal, Mahmoud: Nano-scale binding agents formation through miniemulsion polymerization and their application in textile coloration 

Ersoz, Mustafa: Patterning of albumin onto polyelectrolyte coated glass surface 

Fayad, Samira: Effect of Substrate and UV radiation dose on the orientation and quality of nanotemplates made after degradation of cylindrical domains of PS-PMMA nanofilms 

Fomina, Olena: Estimation of the Temperature Effect in the Monolayer Formation of Substituted Alkanes at the Air/Water Interface in the Frameworks of PM3 Method 

Fomina, Olena: Geometric Parameters of 2D Unit Cells of Crystalline Clusters of Substituted Alkanes at the Air/Water Interface Calculated Using the PM3 Method 

Francisco, Kelly: Drying pattern in latex thin films driven by a DC-electric field 

Geisel, Karen: Microgels at the Oil-Water Interface: Interfacial Rheology and Emulsion Stability 

Giner-Casares, Juan J.: Formation of well-defined aggregates of organic dyes driven by surface pressure in mixed Langmuir monolayers 

Girard, Luc: Fluorinated monolayer for metal ion extraction 

Gotchev, Georgi: Emulsion film properties as studied by interferometry 

Gubbuk, Ilkay Hilal: Preparation and characterization of a calixarene derivative compound Langmuir–Blodgett thin film 

Gunes, Deniz: Effect of film thickness, viscosity ratio and emulsifier on avalanches of coalescence events in emulsions 

Gunes, Deniz: Method for evaluating the Ostwald ripening kinetics of air microbubbles 

Gurkov, Theodor: Kinetics of bubble removal from turbulently mixed dispersions 

Haase, Martin F.: Partial hydrophobisation of rare earth oxide microparticles and up-take from foams 

Heidkamp, Hannah: Morphology of P3HT and PCBM blends in thin films obtained with different deposition methods 

Hiroki, Tetsuro: Miscibility in the Adsorbed Film of Hexadecane-1,16- diol and Perfluorodecane-1,10-diol mixture at the Hexane/Water Interface 

Hoyo, Javier: Organization and REDOX behaviour of UQ in DPPC films 

Jaksch, Sebastian: Thermo-Responsive Behavior of Poly(2-oxazolines) 

Jarek, Ewelina: Multilayer polyelectrolyte films with catalytic activity for biomedical applications 

Kasinos, Marios: Effect of phospholipid enriched dairy by-products on heat stability of recombined evaporated milk emulsions 

Kovalchuk, Volodymyr: Dilatational rheology of thin liquid films 

Köhler, Ralf: From Elastic Body to Viscous Fluid: How Charge Density and Ambient Vapour Humidity Are Influencing the Elastic Module of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers 

Krebs, Thomas: A Microfluidic Method To Study Demulsification Kinetics 

Lacava, Johann: Emulsion-templated assembly of nanoparticles 

Liggieri, Libero: Microgravity investigations on the physico-chemical properties of liquid films by the Liquid Film Tensiometer (LIFT) 

Lopes da Silva, Lucimara: Morphology of freeze-cast nanocomposites 

Löhmann, Oliver: Preparation of soft functional surfaces – responsive polymer layers 

Ma, Ning: Stimuli-Responsive Polyelectrolyte Films as Interlayers for Tunable Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence 

Malysa, Kazimierz: Influence of surface roughness and concentration of surface active substances on kinetics of the bubble attachment to hydrophobic solid 

Mileva, Elena: Probing self-assembly of star-like glycine compounds in aqueous media by microscopic foam film instrumentation 

Noda, Megumi: Study on the time evolution of the adsorbed film state of cationic surfactant by the addition of anionic surfactant 

Nollet, Maxime: Encapsulation of B12 vitamin in concentrated double emulsion 

Ozmen, Mustafa: Selective adsorption of bovine serum albumin on polyelectrolyte-coated glass substrates 

Pajor, Anna: Electroactive multilayer films formed from polyelectrolytes and Prussian Blue nanoparticles 

Parveen, Nagma: Polyelectrolyte Multilayer with Ionic Liquid 

Pereira, Juan: New methodology for evaluated spontaneous emulsification 

Petkova, Hristina: Foam and Emulsion Films Stabilized by Polyoxyalkylated Diethylenetriamine (DETA) Polymeric Surfactants 

Prochaska, Krystyna: Functionality of food grade chemically modified starches in the emulsion systems 

Reinheimer, Kathrin: FT-Rheology – a universal nonlinear mechanical characterization of polydisperse emulsions 

Roger, Kevin: Emulsification through rapid curvature changes: the PIT and PIC methods revisited 

Rommerskirchen, Renke: On phase behaviour and structure of microemulsions containing acetone 

Sabadini, Edvaldo: Blow-up of Soap Bubbles Containing Giant-Micelle 

Schmitt, Veronique: Elaboration and characterization of model porous polymer materials based on emulsions 

Schmitt, Veronique: Thermo-responsive microgel as Pickering emulsion stabilizers: particle adsorption and emulsion properties 

Schwarz, Simona: Pickering emulsion and their stability 

Schwieger, Christian: Organisation of amphiphilic liquid crystals at the air water interface 

Strobl, Markus: BioRef – a versatile time-of-flight reflectometer for soft matter applications at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie, Berlin 

Szyk-Warszyńska, Lilianna Stability of PLL/Casein Multilayer Films in the Aqueous Media with Various pH Analyzed by Ellipsometry and QCM 

Takiue, Takanori: Surface Freezing of Binary Liquid Mixtures 

Thiesen, Peter H.: Current application of Brewster angle microscopy 

Todorov, Roumen: Inhibition of pulmonary surfactant studied by black foam film method 

Toktarbay, Zhekxenbek: Technology of keratin-based foam formers and it’s properties 

Tottori, Takuya: Synergism of Fluorocarbon Compounds on Multilayer Formation at Hexane/Water Interface 

Ulaganathan, Vamseekrishna: Fundamentals of molecular flotation 

Vannozzi, Carolina: Relaxation of two colliding drops with trace amounts of insoluble surfactants 

Wellert, Stefan: Influence of surface hydrophobicity on the structure of bicontinuous microemulsions at solid surfaces 

Wellert, Stefan: A neutron spin echo spectroscopy study of droplet dynamics in hierarchically self-assembled systems 

Whitby, Catherine: Shear-Induced Coalescence of Oil-in-Water Pickering Emulsions 

Zawala, Jan: Influence of size of the liquid film formed on the bubble bouncing and coalescence at liquid/air interface 

Ziemecka, Iwona: All-aqueous core-shell emulsions by microfluidics 

Topic 3: Wetting, Spreading 
Ally, Javed: Adhesion Force Measurements of Contact Lines Pinned at Edges 

Amirfazli, Alidad: Model of Contact Angles of Surfactant Solution on Heterogeneous Surfaces with Adsorption to Three Interfaces 

Barauskas, Justas: Hydration of Lysozyme Studied by Vibrational Spectroscopy 

Berg, John: The Effect of Surface Chemistry and Roughness on the Nano-scale Wetting and Ordering of Fullerenes on Solid Substrates 

Bernardes, Juliana: Surfactant Self-Assembly on Substrates and the Dewetting Process 

Bonaccurso, Elmar: Spontaneous spreading of drops of solvents and non-solvents on deformable polymer surfaces 

Corso, Rémi: Surfs: New generation of microscope slides for nanometric characterization with an optical microscope 

Dopierala, Katarzyna: Superhydrophobic glass surfaces 

Emelyanenko, Alexandre: Analysis of Long-Term Durability of Superhydrophobic Properties under Continuous Contact with Water 

Emelyanenko, Alexandre: Wetting and electrochemical properties of hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coatings on metals 

Goedel, Werner: Particle assisted wetting 

Helm, Christiane A.: The outermost layer of polyelectrolyte multilayers: from odd-even to even-odd effect 

Kalogianni, Eleni P.: Automation of optical measurements analysis in dynamic wicking 

Kovalchuk, Volodymyr: Ions redistribution and meniscus relaxation during Langmuir wetting process 

Leese, Hannah: From Wenzel to Cassie: What are the wetting properties of anodized alumina? 

Niecikowska, Anna: Role of surface charge and hydrophobicity in formation of three phase contact at titania surface 

Nowicka, Grazyna: Nonequilibrium wetting phenomena with droplet and surface inhomogeneities of the same size range 

Radoev, Boryan: Role of surfactants on wetting kinetics 

Radoev, Boryan: Cleaning properties of ionic liquids 

Semenov, Sergey: Influence of contact angle and temperature on evaporation of sessile liquid droplets 

Takaichi, Tetsumasa: Phase Transition of Mixed Alkane Wetting Films on Surfactant Aqueous Solution 

Topic 4: Particles, Nanoparticles, Capsules, Dispersions (second part) 
Aidarova, Saule: The new approach of colloidal sulfur obtaining 

Akcakayiran, Dilek: Nanoporous ceramic particles as containers for anti- corrosion agents and their use in active self healing anticorrosion coatings 

Asanuma, Hidehiko: A peculiar self-assembly at air-water interface: spontaneous formation of hexagonally arranged anisotropic microparticles 

Bärsch, Niko: Ligand-free metal nanoparticles from laser ablation 

Blasi, Laura: A Novel pH-responsive Nanogel for the Controlled Uptake and Release of Hydrophobic and Cationic Solutes 

Block, Stephan: AFM-based method for imaging and magnetic characterization of isolated nanoparticles with nanometer lateral resolution 

Böker, Alexander: Directing the Self-Assembly of Hybrid (Bio)Nanoparticles 

Bourezg, Zouaoui: Redispersible lipidic nanoparticles obtained by Fluid Bed Drying 

Boutonnet, Magali: CuO-CeO2 and CuO-ZnO nanoparticles prepared from a novel oil-in-water microemulsion reaction method: their use as catalyst in water-gas shift reaction 

Brüx, Roland: Janus particle preparation via electrospinning 

Bunjes, Heike: The physical state of lipid nanoparticles affects their in vitro cell compatibility

Caminati, Gabriella: Hybrid nanoarchitectures for PhOLED devices 

Cappelletti, Giuseppe: Bare and Ag-doped MnO2 powders as electrocatalysts for Li/Air cathode batteries 

Carl, Adrian: Growth of gold nanorods in pNIPAM microgels 

Carlsson, Gunilla: A model system for understanding the distribution of fines in a paper structure using fluorescence microscopy 

Castillo, Sonja: Cubic colloids for cubicle membranes 

Csapó, Edit: Characterization of biofunctionalized noble metal nanoparticles for biomedical and sensor applications 

Delgado, Angel V.: Evaluation of the permittivity and dynamic mobility of concentrated suspensions of polyelectrolyte brushes 

Deng, Xu: Transparent, thermally stable and mechanically robust superhydrophobic surfaces made from porous silica capsules 

Dobrowolska, Marta: Optimal Ionic Strength for Non-Ionic Polymerization 

Dubbert, Janine: Heterogeneous nucleation of soft spheres 

Ehlert, Sascha: Versatile route to polymer-compatible nanoparticles 

Eisermann, Claudia: Dispersing and stabilization of carbon black with CTAB 

Eisermann, Claudia: Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Colloidal Stability of Nanoparticles – a General Interpretation Based on Stability Maps 

Ertekin, Betul: Formation of protein micropatterns using polymeric colloidal particles 

Eyssautier, Joelle: Aggregation behaviour of a natural polydisperse material: petroleum asphaltenes

Fall, Andreas: Preparation of cellulose nanofibril-based hollow shells using the Layer-by-Layer deposition technique 

Feitosa, Eloi: Effects of NaCl on the thermal behavior of DODAB vesicles 

Fernández- Barbero, Antonio: Double swelling and structural properties of PNiPAM- PEG microgels 

Ferrari, Michele: Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) studies of model pulmonary surfactant in presence of nanoparticles 

Ferrari, Michele: Interfacial properties and AFM studies of soot nanoparticles in foams and emulsions stability 

Findenegg, Gerhard: Protein-induced aggregation of silica nanoparticles 

Frühbeißer, Sabine: Catalytic activity of supramolecular porphyrin- cylindrical polyelectrolyte brush nanoparticles in aqueous solution 

Ganas, Carolin: Formation of inter-polyelectrolyte complex micelles 

Giacomelli, Fernando: Tumor-Targeting Block Copolymer Micelles Based on a pH-Responsive PDPA Core as a Potential Tool for Cancer Therapy 

Grimm, Philipp: Process development to obtain high-quality organosols 

Gromadzki, Daniel: Soft Nanostructured Films and Stimuli-Sensitive Nanoparticles Through Nitroxide-Mediated Controlled Free Radical Polymerization 

Hamad, Shwan: Microencapsulation of probiotics in sporopollenin microcapsules 

Hauschild, Stephan: One-step fabrication of polymersomes and emulsions using inkjets 

Häuser, Manuel: pH-tunable properties of polyacrylic acid adsorbed to surface modified poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles 

Hebrant, Marc: Kinetics of the complexation of Ni2+ ions by 5-phenyl- azo-8-hydroxyquinoline grafted on colloidal silica particles 

Hofmann, Christian: Changes in Hydration of Cononsolvency-Showing Polymers and Copolymers 

Holmqvist, Peter: Rotational, self and collective diffusion in charged colloidal platelet solutions 

Jaworski, Wiktor: Gold nanoparticles formation via Au(III) ions reduction with glucose in the batch and in the flow microreactor systems 

Joksimovic, Rastko: Synthesis and functionalization of silica nanoparticles, and their interaction with poly(acrylic acid) and cells 

Jorge, Andreia: Compaction and decompaction of DNA : The use of cation/polycation mixtures 

Kiss, Éva: Membrane affinity of antituberculotic drug candidates 

Kiss, Éva: Biocompatible and biodegradable drug delivery system for encapsulation of antituberculotic agents 

Kolaric, Branko: Colloidal crystal: Molding Optical Properties Of Light by Colloidal Ordering and by Surface Morphology 

Kooij, E.S.: From nanorods to nanostars: Tuning the optical properties of gold nanoparticles 

Kosmulski, Marek: Zeta potentials of kaolinite and montmorillonite in concentrated solutions of various 1-1 electrolytes 

Kraus, Tobias: Particle assembly at and beneath the gas-liquid interface 

Kubovcikova, Martina: Magnetic nanoparticles modified with polyethylene glycol 

Kun, Robert: Structural and thermoelectric characterization of Ba(II) substituted LaCoO3perovskite materials obtained by polymerized gel combustion method 

Kupetz, Eva: Passive loading of lipid nanoparticles with poorly water soluble drugs 

Lang, Thomas: Multifunctional, Polymeric Nanoparticles in Biological Environments 

Latnikova, Alexandra: Morphology of polymeric microcontainers prepared via interfacial polymerization method 

Latsuzbaia, Roman: Self-Healing and – Assembling Regenerative Electrode for Proton-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells 

Lattuada, Marco: Novel porous ceramic materials via magnetically driven self-assembly of non-magnetic nanoparticles 

Lau, Marcus: Laser-assisted synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles 

Lavaud, Cyril: Removal of organic substances from aqueous solutions by sol gel reaction 

Lemke, Karina: Formation of nanoparticles in reverse microemulsions using poly(ethyleneimine) and maltose-modified poly(ethyleneimine) 

Li, Zifu: Chemistry and physics of monodisperse micro-sized PNIPAM microgels 

Lim, Hyung Jun: Double-layered polymeric capsules for the stabilization of Broussonetia kazinoki root extract 

Lötzsch, Detlef: Preparation of core/shell particles and their thermotropic behaviour in a resin matrix 

Lugo, Dersy: Swelling/Deswelling Kinetics of PNIPAM Microgels in Mixed Solvents 

Luigjes, Bob: Analytical centrifugation with an upgraded ‘food stability analyzer’ to determine the equations of state of concentrated colloidal nanoparticle dispersions 

Majee, Arghya: Selective transport of hot colloids due to the electrolyte Seebeck Effect 

Majee, Arghya: Collective thermo-electrophoresis of charged colloids 

Mallardi, Antonia: Optical assay for sugar determination based on gold nanoparticles synthesis 

Maltas, Esra: Immobilization of bovine serum albumin on nanoparticles 

Mantion, Alexandre: New chiral peptide-coated silver nanoparticles for Material Science and Toxicology 

Meroni, Daniela: Modulation of the interfacial features of nanometric TiO2 by template-mediated synthesis 

Meroni, Daniela: The role of the nitrogen source in affecting the features of second generation photocatalysts 

Mészáros, Robert: Self-assemblies of oppositely charged polyelectrolytes and surfactants in the presence of neutral amphiphilic block copolymers 

Micali, Norberto Liborio: Scattering Enhancement in a colloidal metal-organic composite 

Mileva, Elena: Bulk and interfacial characteristics of aqueous solutions containing shaggy nanoparticles of PNIPAM-g-PEO copolymer 

Minatti, Edson: Partial corona degradation and full core cross-linking of PS-PMMA micelles upon UV exposition in solution 

Mureşan, Laura: Probing conformational changes of adsorbed nanosized polyamidoamine dendrimers at water-silica interfaces 

Topic 8: Surface Forces 
Berger, Rüdiger: Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy in Liquids 

Boinovich, Ludmila: Calculation of van der Waals forces in free and wetting films on the basis of microscopic approach with accounting for the many-body interaction 

Lüderitz, Liset: Force measurements between colloidal particles across aqueous electrolytes using CP-AFM 

Lyklema, Johannes: Entropies and enthalpies in the surface of electrolyte solutions 

Materna, Katarzyna: Surface tension measurements of piperidinium ionic liquids 

Mattia, Davide: Beyond the slip length – using surface forces to explain ultra-high flow rates in carbon nanotubes 

Noskov, Sergey: Determination of Hamaker constants of polymeric nanoparticles by asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation 

Pettersson, Torbjorn: Particle adhesion and imaging of particle/surface contact zone 

Polat, Mehmet: Use of Atomic Force Microscopy for Determination of Surface Potential on Oxide in Aqueous Solution 

Pussak, Daniel: Soft colloidal hydrogels as force probes for AFM based biosensing 

Stangner, Tim: Forces of Interaction between Blank, Grafted and Blank-Grafted Colloids by Using Optical Tweezers 

Tan, Sin-Ying: Nano-mechanical properties of Pickering emulsions 

Vakili Tahami, Seyed Hamed: Aggregation and Charging Behavior of Polydisperse and Monodisperse Colloidal Epoxy-Amine Adducts 

Vannozzi, Carolina: Analytic expressions for the disjoining pressure between particle-stabilized fluid–fluid interfaces and composite materials 

Wagner, Carolin: Dynamic force spectroscopy on the binding of antibodies and tau peptides 

Yelken, Gulnihal Ozek: A novel technique to determine surface potential distribution of oxide under aqueous solution single crystal substrate 

Zeng, Yan: Investigation of interaction across the thin liquid film of colloidal suspensions by CP-AFM 

Wednesday – Oral Sessions 
PL 3 Derek Chan – Dynamic force measurements in soft systems 

KN St. Förster – Assembling amphiphilic colloids into crystalline and quasi- crystalline structures 

KN W. Steffen – Influence of the proximity of a solid surface on relaxation behaviour of complex systems 

KN M. Krasowska – Absolute surface separation in AFM measurement in systems involving soft bodies

J. Gauczinski – Surface Molecular Imprinting in Layer-by-Layer Films on Silica Particles 

E. Wanless – Stimulus- Responsive Polymer Brushes as Probed Using QCM-D 

R. Manica – Experiments and theory on simultaneous measurements of forces and separation using i-AFM 

D. Borisova – Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Active Corrosion Protection 

L. Cristofolini – Heterogeneous dynamics and superdiffusion in a 2D model system 

P. Tayati – Photon Pressure AFM: A Novel Dynamic Force Microscopy Investigation of Small Molecular Ensembles 

M. Karg – Melting/recrystallization of colloidal crystals from Gold- Poly-Nisopropylacrylamide core-shell particles 

N. Mucic – Optimum selection of experimental tools for studies of surfactants’ adsorption kinetics and dilational rheology 

St. Block – Equilibrium and non-equilibrium features in the structure of physisorbed poly(styrene-sulfonate) layers 

B. Luigjes – Diverging Geometric and Magnetic Size Distributions of Colloidal Iron Oxide Nanocrystals 

I. Siretanu – Water-Ions Induced Nanostructuration of Hydrophobic Polymer Surfaces 

R. Walsh – Surface force measurements between titania surfaces prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition in aqueous electrolyte and CTAB solutions 

M. Matsubara – Liquid- crystalline Organic-inorganic Hybrid Dendrimer: Dendron- promoted Self-organization of Gold Nanosphere 

E. Kalogianni – Dynamic interfacial tension of dietary oils – relation to oil quality 

V. Kuznetsov – Adhesion on modified electrodes – mechanisms and applications 

A. Musyanovych – Adsorption of proteins on nanoparticles: effect of surface functionality, total charge and pH 

M. Karbaschi – Drop Profile Analysis Tensiometry under Dynamic Conditions for Measuring the Surface Tension of Liquids 

H. Christenson – Nucleation of crystals without supersaturation of the vapour phase 

Thursday – Oral Sessions
PL 4 Krister Holmberg – Amino acid-based surfactants 

KN E. Bonaccurso – Superviscosity and electroviscous effects at an electrode/aqueous electrolyte interface: An atomic force microscope study 

KN F. Cousin – Precipitation vs complex coacervation in proteins/polyelectrolyte lysozyme-based complexes of opposite charge: the influence of polyelectrolyte charge density and stiffness 

KN G. Andersson – Determining Concentration Depth Profiles in Thin Foam Films with Neutral Impact Collision Ion Scattering Spectroscopy 

C. Whitby – Thixotropic Behaviour of Laponite- Stabilised Emulsions 

J. Polte – Fundamental Principles of Metal Nanoparticle Growth 

R. Köhler – Polyelectrolyte Multilayer under Mechanical Stress: How the Internal Structure Follows External Load 

C. Üzüm – Elastic/viscoelastic properties of polyelectrolyte multilayer films as measured by AFM nanoindentation 

F. Polzer – Synthesis of Zwitterionic Spherical Polyelectrolyte Brushes by ATRP and Their Solution Behaviour in Water 

K. Sakamoto – Spontaneous Formation of nano to macro W/O emulsions by AIM 

B. Noskov – Dilational surface viscoelasticity of polyelectrolyte/ surfactant solutions: formation of heterogeneous adsorption layers 

S. Prévost – On the packing parameter for non- equilibrium systems: Narrow-disperse frozen micelles from triblock terpolymers 

E. Blomberg – Polyelectrolyte multilayers based on poly- beta-cyclodextrin polymers 

G. Gassin – Interfacial dynamic in liquid/liquid extraction processes probed by non-linear optics 

A.-S. Robbes – Controlled polystyrene grafted maghemite nanoparticles for magnetic nanocomposites 

N. Kristen-Hochrein – Oppositely charged polyelectrolyte/surfactant mixtures in foam films: Effect of molecular weight 

R.-M. Guillermic-Limpalaër – From the Thermal Responsivity of a Model Polymer to Responsive Interfaces, Foams and Gels 

J. Rodríguez-Fernández – Tuning the Optical Properties of Copper Chalcogenide Nanocrystals 

F. Boulmedais – Electrochemically triggered self-constructing films: a one-pot morphogen-driven buildup 

D. Kleshchanok – Arrest vs. Collapse of clay suspensions 

N. Sporenberg – Nanostructure and permeability of poly- electrolyte multilayer capsules: An electron microscopy and PFG-NMR study 

W. Drenckhan – Elucidating the properties of foams stabilised by mixtures of nano-particles and oppositely charged amphiphiles 

KN W. Norde – Protein complexation with soil compounds 

P. Kwaśniewski – Interplay of dynamics and rheology in concentrated colloids and colloid- polymer mixtures under flow 

C. Stefaniu – Stimuli- Responsive magnetite nanoparticle monolayers: hydration and conformational changes of the copolymer shell 

O. Diat – Active water-oil interface: model systems for evaluating the acti- vity of a complexing agent for liquid/liquid extraction 

F. Lang – Colloid formation in soils 

P. Degen – Influence of Particle/Surfactant Interaction on the Interfacial Rheology 

A. Synytska – Amphiphilic Core- Shell Janus Particles Towards Design of Multifunctional Materials 

M. Duits – Formation of solid metal stearate layers at the decane/water interface 

S. Gleber – New developments in hard X-ray fluores- cence microscopy to visualize trace element distributions in aqueous systems of soil colloids 

J. Oberdisse – Colloidal grain boundaries deco- rated by nanoparticles: a multi-scale study by confocal microscopy, very small angle light scattering, and contrast- variation SANS 

M. Zeiser – Smart core-shell microgels with linear temperature sensitivity 

S. Engelskirchen – Structure and droplet dynamics in emulsified microemulsions 

G. Brezesinski – Biomolecules at synthetic bioactive surfaces 

M. Obiols-Rabasa – Depletion interactions in microgel systems 

M. Haase – Modifications of solid surfaces for the fabrication of particle stabilized oil in water emulsions and their application for encapsulation of active molecules in anti-corrosive coatings 

M. Gradzielski – Aspects of formation and structure of nano- emulsions produced by the PIC method 

K.-U. Totsche – Colloid facilitated transport processes in soils 

F. Plamper – Microenvironment induces formation of unimolecular micelles: hydrophobic compartmentalization of poly(propylene oxide) at higher segment densities of adjacent water-soluble polymer chains 

B. Vincent – Photo- responsive properties of poly(NIPAM-co-AAc) microgel particles with absorbed, hydrophobically- modified organic salts 

S. Stoyanov – Foam Stabilisation Using Shape-Anisotropic Bio-Materials 

J. Venzmer – Superspreading of trisiloxane surfactant solutions – Effective wetting of plants and soil 

K. Roger – Superswollen Microemulsions 

M. Wiemann – Effect of cross- link density on reentrant melting of microgel colloids 

D. Fell – Influence of Surfactant Concentration on Forced Dynamic Wetting and Dewetting 

M. Trebbin – Particle- orientation control in microfluidic devices 

A. Wittemann – Building colloidal architectures with nanoparticles 

L. Boinovich – Wetting and surface forces 

D. Vollhardt – Effect of Substituent Position in an Amide Amphiphile on the Monolayer Characteristics: Unexpected Phenomena 

X. Wu – Multiple Drug Delivery Carriers Prepared by Self-assembly of Amphiphilic Copolymers with Surfactants 

G. Cappelletti – Organic- inorganic hybrids: the role played by surface energy and structure of the hydrophobizing molecules 

O. Ueberschär – Drag reduction by DNA-grafting for single microspheres in a dilute Â¥-DNA solution 

St. Wunder – Model Reaction studied on Faceted Gold Nanoparticles 

R. Crawford – Bacterial Retention on Superhydrophobic Titanium Surfaces 

I. Hoffmann – Structure and Dynamics of Polyelectrolytes in Aggregates with oppositely charged Surfactants 

M. Morán – Hemocompatibility and cytotoxicity assessments of protein-DNA particles as controlled DNA delivery systems 

C. Jin – Nucleation and melting behavior at the transition from low – dimensionality systems to bulk 

Friday – Oral Sessions
PL 5 Bernhard Binks (Rhodia Prize) – Particles at fluid interface 

A. Amirfazli – Detecting Surfactant Concentration by Contact Angle Observations 

E. Guzmán – Impact of Nanoparticles in the Interfacial Properties of Pulmonary Surfactant-Like Monolayers: Equilibrium and Dynamical Features 

D.-F. Anghel – Investigating self-assembled media of polymers and surfactants by nonradiative energy transfer 

M. Connah – A novel accessory for the measurement of surface zeta potential using laser doppler electrophoresis 

Ch. Chassenieux – static and dynamic properties of polymeric worm-like micelles 

P. Thiesen – Combined QCM-D and imaging ellipsometry 

J. Carlstedt – Differences in cyclodextrin solubility determines the phase behavior of ternary DTA-DNA:cyclodextrin:water systems 

A. Dar – Influence of Gemini and conventional surfactants in their single and mixed states on the interfacial and physicochemical properties of BSA 

PL 6 Heinz Hoffmann (Overbeek Medal) – A personal view of my 35 years of research in surfactant science: from my start until to my recent work